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Thanksgiving Date Correction

First off a date correction (thanks Gayle Forrester and Edith Ling) – the New Glasgow Christian Church’s Annual Thanksgiving Dinner is Monday October 13th at New Glasgow Lobster Suppers. 4-7:30pm. No advance tickets. Tickets available at the main door and take-out orders will be sold in the gift-shop.

All Ages Social This Sunday September 7th

Secondly – this Sunday September 7th evening is the all ages Pop-Up Picnic and social hosted by The Olde Glasgow Mill.  You can download a PDF of the invitation by clicking here, or read on below!

As we teeter on summers’ edge and commence preparations for the autumn harvest, we invite you and your loved ones to join us for our first annual pop-up picnic.

At 5pm the doors and grounds of The Olde Mill will open into a bright September evening filled with dancing, live music, and children’s games.

Fantastic food will be provided and joined by bobbing for apples, daisy chains, caricatures, three legged races, and other picnic style games passed down by generations, most of which will be held by the park, located next door to us, across the way from the Toy Factory.

Sunday September 7th 2014, 5pm
5592 Route 13, New Glasgow
The Olde Glasgow Mill and the community park next door

Last Days of Summer

Oh summer! It’s so much easier to laugh when you’re around.
But now the end of your most august month approaches,
You leave us stranded, freckled, bronzed and brown.
We’re jilted, left with peeling noses,
Faces changed from grin to frown-
Emoticonically mutated.


We understand you have to bugger off.
It’s time for you to warm another clime.
Go, leave us here with ‘changing-season’s’ cough,
Damp kleenex stained with tears and mucous snot
But still- we’ll miss you terribly, a lot!
Go! Leave to strip intoxicated men of shirt,
More maidens of their skimpy skirt,
You are the biggest flirt!
Fairweather friend,
Is this the end?

But we forgive you Sun-on-High,
In unison on PEI,
At Emily’s
On bended knees
We raise the cry –
Come back again, oh pretty please’!



Brad Trivers
Chair – New Glasgow Community Corporation