Peggy Hogan, award winner in the 34th Atlantic Writing Competition, will be:

Reading and signing copies of her book, For a Song,

on Tuesday, February 17th (storm date is February 24th), 6:30 pm

at the Hunter River Memorial Library, in Hunter River.

For a Song is about Blat – an unfortunate name for a singer – who stumbles upon an entire race of people that needs saving. He recruits a brilliant, manic-depressive scientist to help him.

Their enemy is the sinister Brothers of the Watch whose leader wants what every evildoer wants: power over everyone and everything, and, through mind control, he has the wherewithal to accomplish this.

Blat craves the love of a woman, who is a good friend and ignorant of his feelings. Whether he admits it or not, he will go to any length to impress her – even if he dies trying. To Blat’s great advantage, the leader of the Brothers knows nothing of this kind of power.

Peggy Hogan - For a Song Book signing

For more information contact:

Peggy Hogan
5857 Route 13, RR 2
New Glasgow PE   C0A 1N0