The village of New Glasgow was established in 1820, and is the center of a community with a rich history.  This includes farming, fishing, tourism and other industries like boat-building, feed mill, general stores, restaurants, and more.  Today, many of the descendants of the families that settled the area still live here.  This page will outline the history of New Glasgow, and the people of this beautiful village.



Historical Tidbits

The New Glasgow School

My father, Ralph Dickieson, has collected many interesting things relating to the history of New Glasgow. He recently gave me the original minute book from the Trustees of the New Glasgow School, which has the minutes of all the Trustees meeting from the late 1800's...

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The New Glasgow Chair

THE NEW GLASGOW CHAIR It would probably surprise many residents of New Glasgow to know that there is very rare and valuable chair that originated in New Glasgow in the 1800's. It is a Windsor style chair that has a very narrow seat which has led to the chair sometimes...

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